Network File Storage Solutions (NFS)

On-demand storage-as-a-service platform

Deploy in Minutes

Network File Storage Soultions (NFS)

Flexibly Scale Storage Capacity and Performance

Active archives, databases, and big data workloads require extensive storage that can scale quickly as data volumes grow. phoenixNAP’s Network File Storage (NFS) lets you flexibly scale storage capacity without performance degradation to support your data-intensive workloads. With just a few clicks, you will get the performance of a general-purpose SSD on-demand at an affordable price point.

Deploy in minutes

Deploy in Minutes

Easily scale your storage capacity with several clicks in the Bare Metal Cloud WebUI.

Scale cost

Scale Cost-Efficiently

Extend storage capacity without hardware upgrades or need for a more expensive instance.

Enable Resilience

Enable Resilience

Securely store your backup or archival data to ensure availability and resilience.


“Everything is simple and automated. It's like having my own colocated hardware, but without any of the hassle. I needed low-latency access to a particular site in the Phoenix area. A staffer at PhoenixNAP helped me out with a few tests to confirm that I'd get the necessary latency. After that, I just created an account, selected the hardware I'd need, and off we went.”

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phoenixNAP Network File Storage Features

Network File Storage (NFS) is a distributed file system that lets you easily add more storage capacity on demand and ensure consistent performance for latency-sensitive and high-throughput workloads.

Unlike Storage Area Network (SAN), NFS requires less administration and can scale faster. It is also less complex to maintain, more affordable, and better suited to small business workloads, although it has a wide application at the enterprise level as well. Within phoenixNAP’s Bare Metal Cloud, NFS is an out-of-the-box storage system that lets you scale storage capacity easily and cost-effectively across different locations.

How it works

Network File Storage leverages specific protocols to allow file sharing over a specified network. Unlike Direct Attached Storage (DAS), this solution lets you extend your storage capacity without having to add hardware to your server and experience the resultant disruptions.

Once you deploy and configure your NFS in Bare Metal Cloud, all servers residing in the same network will have access to the storage. This helps you centralize storage resources while providing you with flexibility as it can be accessed from multiple network points.

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Low-cost storage expansion. Near-instant deployment.

Key NFS features

phoenixNAP’s Network File Storage (NFS) is designed to provide access to a low-cost storage solution for any application or a group of servers that need continual access to quickly scalable storage. It provides a shared storage pool for distributed teams and heterogenous environments, facilitating cooperation and reducing system admin overhead.

Automated deployment
Advanced scalability
Available in Phoenix and Ashburn
Centralized management
Easy to share between BMC instances
Improved resiliency
High level of flexibility
Competitive pricing

Automated deployment through BMC

Bare Metal Cloud’s intuitive webUI lets you add NFS to your instances in several simple steps. The automated deployment makes it easy to extend storage capacity as needed while keeping your costs under control. phoenixNAP’s NFS is available at competitive prices, providing you with sufficient resources to store your databases, archival records, backups, and other forms of data-intensive storage.

Learn how to deploy and manage NFS in Bare Metal Cloud. Watch the video tutorial below.

Leverage storage-as-a-service to quickly scale your storage and control your costs.

Why Do You Need Network File Storage?

Network File Storage is an ideal solution for SMBs and mid-market enterprises looking to optimize their storage costs while ensuring flexible scaling and advanced performance. Its ease of implementation and affordable price point help you handle storage-intensive data easily and cost-effectively. It is also convenient for large-scale enterprise workloads as it helps reduce cloud costs while increasing productivity and flexibility.

Network File Storage Use Cases


NFS is a great solution for running fast-changing and dynamic data workloads such as databases.

Multimedia Storage

Optimize your storage capacity to seamlessly stream large multimedia media files.

Storage Decentralization

Remove siloed repositories and provide decentralized storage for greater flexibility.

Big Data

Enhance the performance of data-intensive workloads by providing optimal storage capacity.

Active Archives

Securely store your data archives with the option to flexibly scale resources as needed.

Backup and DRaaS

Cost-efficiently deploy backup and DRaaS storage resources to ensure data availability.

Storage-as-a-Service Options from phoenixNAP

phoenixNAP offers you multiple storage-as-a-service options to support your needs for a flexible capacity extension. In addition to NFS, you can also leverage our S3 API-compatible Object Storage Service solution, which delivers superior performance, flexibility, and scalability.

Object Storage is more easily consumable, predictable, and affordable than the public cloud, providing an efficient alternative for large data storage and processing. The service is compatible with virtualized and containerized environments and can be deployed at an affordable price point.

Similar to NFS, object storage provides advanced flexibility and is recommended for storing large amounts of static data that doesn’t need to be updated on a regular basis.

Explore Object Storage

Why phoenixNAP?

phoenixNAP’s storage-as-a-service options help you optimize your storage costs while ensuring advanced performance. You can choose between NFS or Object Storage to seamlessly archive, analyze, and stream large data volumes. Available at a competitive price point, our storage solutions help you slash your cloud expenditure and cost-effectively create backup and DR repositories.

NFS can be deployed in an automated fashion, saving you time on capacity scaling. You can attach it to your Bare Metal Cloud instances in several simple clicks or a single POST request via the platform’s API and scale as easily when more capacity is needed. If you’re looking to automate more development work, Bare Metal Cloud and NFS allow you to quickly achieve desired outcomes.

Get Started with Network File Storage

Deploy Network File Storage from Bare Metal Cloud WebUI and attach it directly to your instances. Simply choose one of our available locations, enter storage and volume names, define a path suffix, and provide the desired volume size. Your NFS will be provisioned automatically in a matter of minutes.

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